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Little Caesars Builds Wall of Bacon Around Deep Dish Pizza

It sounds like one of Homer Simpson’s fever dreams: a deep-dish pizza wrapped inside a wall of bacon. Now Little Caesars has revived its limited-time-only Bacon Wrapped Deep! Deep! Dish pizza, which was last available for just nine weeks in 2016.

Customers who download the Little Caesars app or order online can get early access to the signature pizza for a few days starting March 18. It becomes available to all customers on March 21, although walk-in customers can only order it from 4 to 8 p.m. at some locations.

Little Caesars describes the Detroit-style item as “an 8-corner deep-dish pizza wrapped in a wall of over 3 ½ feet of whole strips of thick-cut, crispy bacon, and then topped with pepperoni and even more delicious pieces of smoky, crumbled, bacon decadence.”

“It’s no surprise that customers emphatically asked us to bring back the bacon,” said Ed Gleich, Little Caesars’ senior VP of Global Marketing, in a press release. “And we’re very excited to offer early access to customers who have downloaded our Little Caesars app, which is really easy and fun to use.”

Customers who order the bacon-wrapped deep-dish pie online or via the app can pick it up using Little Caesars’ Pizza Portal Pickup, a heated, self-serve mobile-order pickup station located in participating restaurants.