Like a Good Neighbor, Pizzeria is There

According to, “How about a pepperoni slice — and some term life to go?”

“In the aftermath of the nor’easter that battered Staten Island, a Grant City pizzeria has opened its doors to a neighboring insurance business that lost power in the storm. John’s Pizzeria and Restaurant is temporarily allowing Thomas Carbone, owner of Carbone Insurance, located just up the block past the Staten Island Railway tracks, to operate out of its dining area. ‘He’s been a customer for 20 years, we know him from the neighborhood, so we decided to help him out,’ said Evan Glickman, who co-owns the pizza joint with longtime friend Dave Tepper. Carbone said he is using his laptop computer via the pizzeria’s Wi-Fi connection and hooked up an extra telephone line from the restaurant for his fax machine, which is on a ledge to the left of the countertop where orders are placed. He’s also taking client’s calls on two cell phones.”