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Liguria Foods Introduces Liguria 51 Pepperoni Brand

Humboldt, IA – September 7, 2016 – Combining the best flavors from two of most popular types of pepperoni, Liguria Foods announces the creation of Liguria 51.
Liguria 51 is an extension of the flagship Liguria 1974, but undergoes a natural smokehouse cycle to impart a delicious, smoky flavor similar to Liguria Bravo Gusto. The name comes from the introduction of five flavors in one pepperoni, hence Liguria 51.
As with all its products, Liguria 51 is made from the freshest ingredients, which are sourced from long-time suppliers. Liguria developed the new brand as another top-of-the-line offering with a distinctive flavor profile accentuating smoky, spicy flavors. Liguria 51 undergoes a natural smoking process that serves to initially stimulate the taste buds, ensuring pizza lovers that this is an authentic pepperoni. Its slightly course texture and full mouth feel leaves a very satisfying finish – creating a desire for more.

“In a limited release Liguria 51 performed extremely well,” says Joe Henry, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Multiple customers tested the product and the responses were the same: ‘Wow, this is special. We can’t believe you got these flavors in a pepperoni.’ As a result, we are introducing Liguria 51 to the national market.

“The idea for Liguria 51 came to us after I cooked our Liguria 1974 on a pizza at home on my outdoor grill for my daughter and her friends.  They absolutely loved the flavor and requested more.”
With its intense and bold taste, Liguria 51 is an ideal choice for:
·    *     Meticulous customers looking for a flavorful pepperoni to serve with pizza, differentiating their pizzeria from large chains
·    *    BBQ and meat-lovers pizzas
·    *   Lighter tomato sauces
·    *  Cheese blends that feature Fontina or Asiago cheeses
·        * Wood and coal fired ovens.
As far as beverage options, pizza topped with Liguria 51 is pairs well with Shock Top, Blue Moon or Alaskan White Ale.
For Liguria it starts with fresh – not frozen – high quality ingredients, and continues throughout the production process, as dedicated staff follows the same, old-world recipe to produce a consistently delicious pepperoni. 
For more information or to request samples, contact Liguria Foods at
Liguria Foods, Inc. provides premium quality dry sausage toppings, including what many consider to be the market’s best-tasting pepperoni. Since its founding in 1974, Liguria Foods has been dedicated to the foundation of recipe formulation. The classic recipe combines distinctive spices, enticing color, and a consistent blend of meats, providing customers with the same performance and flavor every day. The dedicated production process merges the best modern technology with traditional touches like a redwood drying room, resulting in consistently delicious products. For more than 40 years, Liguria Foods has provided pizza lovers with enjoyable, memorable dining experiences, sharing a passion for the best-tasting pepperoni and Italian meat products.