LI Pizza Makers Dish Up Giants Blue Pies

"BigMaybe Giants fever has already manifested itself in your home decor, your car decals, your wardrobe — and even your pets. What’s left? Your pizza, of course. Should there be a market this weekend for a Super Bowl snack that screams “Big Blue,” at least a few Long Island pizzerias have answered the call.

One, in Holbrook, has modified its traditional white pie by mixing blue food coloring into the ricotta cheese and carving a Giants-style “NY” out of mozzarella in the center. Pepperoni along the crust adds the team’s splash of red. “People eat blue candy, drink blue soda,” noted Phil Donofrio, of Joe’s Pizza and Pasta ( “What’s the difference with blue pizza?”

The staff at Nicky G’s Pizza  has altered their popular garlic knot pie by dying the crust Giants blue. Because the color is just a few shades from bread mold, orders will come with a reassurance. “We’ll give people a heads-up before they open their box,” said employee Joe Grinere. The local “blue pizza” proprietors plan to bake dozens of their specialty pies in advance of the big game against the New England Patriots.