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Average Pizza Delivery Time Falls to 32.5 minutes.

How do you compare to the national average when it comes to the level of service you provide? Now you can know. In order to improve something you have to start measuring it. Once you are able to see how the service or product compares from one period to the next you can make adjustments and improve your business. Last year it took an average of 34.4 minutes to deliver a pizza. During the first quarter of 2002, average delivery times fell to 32.9 minutes and during the second quarter of 2002 it fell even further to 32.5 minutes. Not surprisingly, customers also noticed that their pizzas were hotter. Customers reporting that their pizza was hot enough rose from 87.6 percent to 90 percent! Source: Qualistics

Qualistics calculates these averages mentioned above by combining all data provided to them from stores all across the country that use their system as a measuring device to improve customer satisfaction. These numbers may be better than the real average because the stores using this system are obviously already focused on improving their service, but knowing these numbers and trying to better them will make your customers and your banker much happier.

U.S. Pizza Industry Service Statistics for Second Quarter 2002
– Source: Qualistics.

  • Estimated Time To Deliver Pizza: 32.46 minutes
  • Percent of Time Order Was Correct: 93.98 percent said yes
  • Delivered Within Time Promised: 89.74 percent said yes
  • Pizza Was Hot Enough: 90.03 percent said yes

Why not challenge yourself and your crew to begin measuring results and improving service right away?

Free Driver Handbook

The most widely used and best written driver hand book I can recommend was written by my good friend and pizza industry legend John Correll. The Driver's Handbook is a 15-page Microsoft Word file that you can print as needed. It's a thorough, easy-to-read, professionally formatted document that's designed to be universally applicable. We're providing it free of charge as a public service to those in the pizza industry in the hope that it will make pizzeria managers' jobs a little easier and the demanding job of pizza delivery drivers a safer and more rewarding endeavor.

Along with being a great reference handbook, it's also an excellent guide for creating an effective delivery-training program. To receive an emailed copy of the Driver's Handbook, go to or grab a link to it in the Managers Toolbox at

Donatos takes the PMQ P.I.E.

After preparing our midyear industry analysis it was clear that Columbus, Ohio-based Donatos Pizzeria Corp. was going to receive the 2002 PMQ PIE award (Pizza Industry Enterprise of the year). Many have wondered for years, "When is the McDonald's owned pizza chain going to makes its move?" It's now happening. Read why we chose Donatos as the big winner and compare your pizzeria to others across the country in PMQ's yearly industry report on page 72.