Calling All Healthy Pizza Ideas

PMQ is finally doing it! Our very own pizza show –  done exactly the way we've always wanted to do one. PMQ is very proud to announce that on November 2nd and 3rd of 2004, PMQ will be producing the New York Pizza Show. It will be held in the birthplace of American pizza civilization and the most competitive and innovative pizza market in the world. Where else but New York City?

Yes, it took us seven years to put on a show, but I think the timing has never been better. (1) PMQ now has the highest world circulation of any pizza magazine. (2) Our readers have made our website,, the most visited and most viewed website of any restaurant publication (thanks so much). And most importantly, we have been able to partner with the trade show group that has launched more successful New York City trade shows than any other since 1991. Hope to see you in 2004.

Top Ten New York Pizza Landmarks

During the next 12 months, PMQ will be featuring the 10 most revered pizza landmarks of New York City as determined by real NYC pizza operators. First up in this issue, and in no particular order, are Manhattan pizzerias Lombardi's and Totonno's. Click here for the story.

Food Network Gives One Hour of Prime Time to U.S. Pizza Team

Don't look now, but at 8 p.m. on Sunday March 21, 2004, The Food Network will show their one-hour documentary, which followed last years U.S. Pizza Team to Salsomaggiore, Italy. The special will be aired just one week before our next U.S. Pizza Team competes at the 2004 World Pizza Championship (,

NAPICS (North American Ice Cream and Pizza Show)

And speaking of the U.S. Pizza Team, if you want to get on it, you'll need to come to Columbus, Ohio, this February 8th and 9th. Both culinary and acrobatic competitions will be held and five more members of the U.S. Pizza Team will be selected. See or This year NAPICS has really made a big commitment to the industry. You'll see more pizza-specific forums and exhibitors than ever before.

Healthy Pizza Issue. It's Here.

It's been three years since we've followed up to our original Pizza: The Health Food issue and just in time. To fend off the assault of hungry lawyers, learn about the newest health craze that's sweeping the nation and learn how to make the best of this low-carb revolution, Click here for the story..