• Lesaffre’s new website makes it easier for bakers to find the ingredient solutions they need to keep up with today’s trends and solve baking challenges.
  • The site also includes information about Baking with Lesaffre, a baking solutions platform that supports Lesaffre’s “global mission to nourish and protect the planet.”

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Lesaffre, a leading supplier of high-quality yeast, is making it easier for customers to navigate its growing portfolio of ingredient solutions with the launch of its new website, LesaffreBaking.com.

In addition to yeast, Lesaffre supplies clean-label dough improvers, enzymes, bases, fortification, sourdoughs, toppings, malts and more. To help customers find the best solutions to their baking challenges, Lesaffre’s new website features a robust product filtering tool that allows users to sort products by type, solution, application, process and brand.

“From the artisan bakery down the street to the in-store bakery of the local grocery chain to the international wholesale manufacturer, all our customers need ingredient solutions that allow them to tap into today’s trends and solve their baking challenges,” said Bill Hanes, Lesaffre’s vice president of marketing and strategy. “We have been working to develop a complete portfolio of baking ingredients. Now, with the launch of the new website, we’re making it easier for our customers to find the right solutions for their specific applications.”

The website also includes information about Baking with Lesaffre, a baking solutions platform that supports Lesaffre’s global mission to nourish and protect the planet, the company said in a press release. Drawing on Lesaffre’s international baking network, Baking with Lesaffre offers solutions in the form of six commitments to the industry: Bake for Care, Bake for Smile, Bake for Good, Bake it Safe, Bake it Smart, and Bake it Easy. Website users can learn more about each commitment and filter Lesaffre’s ingredients by commitment category.

“Today, Lesaffre is so much more than yeast,” Hanes said. “We are your global baking ingredient supplier, your expert technical support and your solutions-oriented partner in baking. We’re excited to have a website that showcases all the ways we support our baking customers.”

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