Les Frères, Euro-Style Cheese from Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, Brightens Restaurant Menus with Rich Flavor, Smooth Texture

According to a press release,
Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese is now marketing its signature cheese, Les Frères (pronounced lay frair), to the foodservice industry.  Les Frères is an original farmstead cheese produced in the finest Old-World tradition in a cheese plant on the Crave family’s Wisconsin dairy farm.

The name Les Frères, which translates to “the brothers,” refers to the four Crave brothers, who own the farm and the cheese plant; the artisan cheese was created to honor the family’s French-Irish heritage. Les Frères has won multiple awards in national and international cheese competitions.
Les Frères has the complex flavors that are the hallmark of a European-style cheese; its flavors are described as rich, full AND savory, WITH
·         Add Les Frères to a cheese board or cheese course, served with crusty bread, or fruit and nuts.
·         Serve Les Frères sliced thin on a pizza crust with mushrooms, truffle oil and asparagus.
·         Use Les Frères as an ingredient, such as in a savory stuffed pork chop.
·         Partner Les Frères with wine – anything from Riesling to Sauvignon Blanc to Pinot Noir.
·         Serve Les Frères with beer, including stout or a Belgian-style ale.

Creating a fine cheese like Les Frères requires experience and the best ingredients. At the Crave farmstead cheese plant, the process starts with fresh, pure milk from the family’s herd of Holstein cows.  The milk is pasteurized and piped the short distance to the cheese plant, where the cheesemaking process begins. Hand-crafting is key: The curds are hand-ladled into forms, and as the cheese ages in the affinage (curing) room, the rind is regularly hand-washed with special cultures to ensure that it ages to perfection. The result: An exceptionally flavorful cheese with a rich, soft and creamy texture.

Les Frères is available in two sizes for restaurants and delis. A 2.5 pound random weight wheel of the cheese is parchment-wrapped and packed 2 per case. A smaller version of Les Frères IS called Petit Frère (French for “little brother”), IT is packed eight 8-ounce rounds per case; each 8-ounce wheel of cheese is tucked inside an award-winning round wooden keepsake box that includes a recipe flyer. notes of apple cider, mushrooms and toasted sesame.  The cheese is ideal for a range of tempting menu applications — an important asset for restaurateurs in this era of economic challenges and demanding consumers.  Some menu ideas include: