Le Grand Enters the U.S. Market with a Deliciously Versatile Line of Gourmet Sauces

According to a press release, Le Grand makes a bold entrance into the U.S. market with a mouthwatering line of raw and all-natural cold-processed sauces in a brand new chic, convenient, and environmentally-conscious packaging. Filling the need for a healthy, on-the-go cuisine that is both tasty and easy to use, Le Grand presents a fresh new product with a multifaceted appeal.

“Brands that can communicate what they really stand for and show how they can make life easier will earn consumers’ trust and loyalty,” says Joan Holleran, Mintel’s director of research. “Additionally, with people ‘cocooning’ in their homes to save money, companies will create better products for dining, relaxing and entertaining at home.” Le Grand fills consumer needs of an easy to use product that tastes good and is economical with their line of tasty pesto, tapenades, and aromatic sauce.

“As people take control of their everyday lives, they will also demand that companies communicate with them honestly and openly. From understandable ingredients to clear company practices, consumers want complete transparency when it comes to the products they buy” (Mintel). Le Grand’s cold-processed sauces are made fresh every week with fresh, all-natural, and raw ingredients with no preservatives or added sugar. The line is available in six delectable varieties including:
•    Garden Pesto: Exclusively made from the freshest ingredients, Le Grand’s Garden Pesto contains basil, lemon and garlic.

•    4 Nuts & Cheese Pesto: A great classic, savory mix of freshly grated Romano cheese and 4 nuts blended with raw basil.

•    Sun-dried Tomato Pesto: A new kind of sun-dried tomato pesto packed with Mediterranean sun and enhanced by Fines herbes de Provence.

•    Mild Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade: A bold, aromatic mix of olives and fresh herbs perfume tomatoes to create a savory, irresistible flavor.

•    Spicy Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade: A spread with an attitude! Jalapenos, sun-dried tomatoes and olives create a fiery blend, perfect to liven up any dish.

•    Lemon Confit & Pumpkin Seed Aromatic Sauce: A crisp lemon flavor and a tangy smooth texture create the perfect sauce to accentuate a favorite recipe.

According to Mintel’s research, consumers will seek out products and services that give them exactly what they want, when they want it, especially as their budgets tighten. Le Grand offers a convenience like never before with their new packaging and fresh ingredients. “Faced with fast-paced modern life, consumers will continue to seek convenience and simplicity” (Mintel). Providing a quick and easy way to eat healthy while juggling an active lifestyle, Le Grand gives consumers exactly what they are looking for. With Le Grand’s pesto, tapenades and aromatic sauce, consumers can live life on the go in a delicious and healthy way.

Le Grand makes living a healthy lifestyle easy, affordable, and delicious with their brand new modern packaging. Available in 5.5 oz stand-up packs with a twist off cap, each Le Grand pouch contains 6-10 servings and is retailed at $6.99 per pack. The new pouch has also reduced Le Grand’s carbon dramatically as one truck load of Le Grand pouches is equivalent to 11 truck loads of the old glass jars. Maintaining their fresh look, the new eye-catching pouch is 17 times lighter than Le Grand’s previous glass jar packaging.

Le Grand enters the U.S. market by supporting the brand with a national PR campaign, samplings, and media placements. Le Grand’s expansion into the U.S. will begin in Southern California with Tatiana Bossy, co-founder of Le Grand, touring in various cities July 11th-24th to promote the brand.