It’s safe to say that most Americans, if not all, are familiar with potatoes. In fact, the average American consumes 126 pounds of potatoes per year! Which begs the question that if everyone eats that many potatoes, and is that familiar with the product, why are common mistakes in storage and preparation so prevalent?

The Idaho Potato Commission has released a new DVD that explains everything about fresh potatoes, from purchasing and handling to new recipes that can expand an operator’s repertoire. For those who think they know everything, this DVD will is a goldmine of information.

“Potatoes are a standard on menus across the country, from commercial to noncommercial operations,” said Don Odiorne, IPC Vice President of Foodservice. “But quality and consistency are key in a dish. This DVD contains the tools to master techniques from frying to baking and mashing. Tips on receiving, handling and storage are sure to be popular with kitchen staff.

The DVD also contains dozens of recipes to inspire a chef’s creativity, as well as lots of background information on the history and origin of the potato. And if anyone has heard previously that Idaho reigns the king of potatoes, but has wondered why, the DVD explains that as well.

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Or, to order a free copy of the DVD, individuals may contact the Idaho Potato Commission at (208) 334-2350 or via email at and provide a mailing address.

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