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Kylie's Chicago Pizza Goes Deep

According to the Seattle Times, “Good Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is hard to come by in Seattle, but there’s a tasty new choice in the city: Kylie’s Chicago Pizza.”

“The Fremont restaurant has been open for less than a year and is taking a risk in an area of Seattle that is partial to Neapolitan and New York pizza. But at a time when virtually everyone is stretching their budgets, Chicago-style pizza arguably provides more value — and calories — for your money: One thick slice and you’re full. Then there’s the crust. Oh, that crust is decadent. Firm, buttery and kissed with cornmeal. The menu: It’s wonderfully simple. Three appetizers and eight pizza variations, either deep-dish or thin-crust style. Or build your own pizza, choosing from more than 20 toppings. There are two sizes, the 10-inch small and 12-inch large. No pizza by the slice here.”