Kosher Pizza Now Available in Ukraine

According to, “Donetsk, Ukraine – In addition to the already wide assortment of kosher foods that are now produced in Ukraine, the Donetsk-based firm UkrKosher has recently undertaken to produce kosher pizza for distribution throughout the country.”

“The kosher pizza “Palermo,” which comes with cheese, mushrooms, olives and bell peppers, will certainly make regular customers out of anybody who tries it. The pizza comes frozen and is sealed in plastic wrap and then packaged in colorful designed boxes. The pizza contains only kosher ingredients and the bakery where it is being produced has been made kosher according to the highest standards of Jewish law. The cheese and milk products used in making this pizza are “Cholov Yisroel.” A number of the raw ingredients come from Israel. The flour for the dough is sifted with a special sieve to prevent any presence of insects in the finished product. The seasonings are also examined to assure that there is no presence of insects.”