Klavon’s Pizzeria & Pub recently showed appreciation for its 400-plus employees by awarding them 100% of all of its one-day sales (on a Tuesday) at its three locations in Jackson and Mason, Michigan.

“We take 100% of our profits that the company makes, and we give it back to the staff,” said Thomas Weller, Klavon’s lead manager, to WLIX. “We’ll get the staff breakfast and dinner from other places, or we make it for them here in-house.”

The pizzeria will add the bonus to its employees’ hourly pay. Last year, the pizzeria made around $30,000 in profit.
Weller added in the interview that other restaurants should reward loyal employees, too. “The greatest asset any company has is its employees,” he said. “You can’t fix a car. You can’t make pizzas. You can’t do anything without the staff there to support you and actually get the job done when you need it to be done.”

Most of Klavon’s employees have been with the pizzeria for 6 to 10 years, Weller said, and the program helps make them feel irreplaceable.

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