We've heard about the recent studies slamming the impact of pizza on school kids but here a busy mom writes about how she prepares pies that are tasty and nutritious.

Jennifer Motl, writing in fredericksburg.com, describes the results of the now well-known study that appeared in the journal "Pediatrics" in January. Motl goes on to say, as a busy parent, she finds herself serving frozen pizza at times. She adds that it’s quick, tasty, filling and relatively inexpensive—but she also makes pizza because fresh pizza tastes better and takes only five to 10 minutes longer. She has tested lots of shortcuts, from pre-baked crusts to crust mixes, homemade gluten-free crusts and low-carbohydrate alternatives. Motl has also experimented with sauces and cheeses and toppings and she recommends thinking of pizza as part of a larger meal and not the only thing being dished up. 

Read more, including healthy recipes, from this concerned mom who is preparing pizza that is nutritious, delicious and part of a balanced meal, 

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