Kickoff 5K Scores with Pizza, Football

There was no question as to who Susan Vaughn and her nephew, Donovan DiIorio, supported as they prepared for the start of the I Run for Pizza Football Kickoff 5K Saturday at the Avenue Viera: The pair were decked out in black, gold and white and Vaughn toted a yellow “Terrible Towel,” according to Florida Today.

“Are we Steelers fans?” asked Vaughn, a former Pittsburgh resident, now of Melbourne Beach. “Oh, yeah: have towel, will travel.”

The towels — and pompons, jerseys, flags, face paint and even a tutu — were out for the annual race, which drew 1,008 competitors and several hundred spectators, most dressed in the colors of their favorite sports teams.

But it also was a serious 5K race with a brand new course that started near the rear of The Avenue and some of the best-known runners in the area, all to raise funds for WEGO Ministries and the Suntree-Viera Youth Football League.”