Ken Aretsky, one of New York’s most accomplished restaurateurs of the last thirty years, has renamed his ever-popular, classic New York restaurant, “Aretsky’s Patroon.” 
After Mr. Aretsky became sole proprietor late last year, the restaurant completed brief renovations while remaining open for business.   Among the more significant changes is the introduction of a brand-new, second floor lounge enhanced by a breathtaking collection of photography and artwork.  Details on other changes including the renovation of the restaurant’s roof top bar are being planned and will be unveiled shortly.
The multi-level facility has been heralded over the years as a later-day version of some of the all-time favorite dining outposts in New York, harkening back to an era when proprietors personally greeted customers and understood what a restaurant experience was all about.  With its distinctively adorned private dining rooms, humidor room, rooftop bar and secret wine cellar, Patroon has evolved into the type of institution envisioned by Mr. Aretsky when he originally opened its doors.
Ken Aretsky is fondly remembered when he presided over the famed ‘21’ Club during the 1980’s.  Prior to his success at that institution, he opened the acclaimed Oren & Aretsky sports bar which had a strong following among New York’s social and sporting elite for many years.  The lifelong New Yorker is also credited with launching the career of the acclaimed Anne Rosensweig when he opened the three-star Arcadia in 1983.  His success with Arcadia elevated Aretsky to the top tier of Manhattan restaurateurs and gave Rosensweig her status as one of the country’s very first “celebrity chefs.”
Aretsky’s Patroon is gearing up for many more years of providing a classic New York dining experience and a place for luxurious private affairs under the watchful eye of one of the few remaining icons of the New York City restaurant scene. 
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