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Keeping the Charm: USA's Pizzerias Where Time Stands Still

Pizzerias are becoming increasingly high-end with more focus on sourced food ingredients, sleek or luxurious interior design, and especially their ability to embrace cutting-edge technology. Yet, there are many customers who crave good ol' days where they can sit in a peeling booth to eat a pizza made with the same recipe their parents and grandparents enjoyed decades before.

Daily Meal echoes this sentiment with a list of 56 classic pizzerias throughout the U.S.  

Select pizzerias stand out in this list, especially Roseland Apizza in Derby, Connecticut. Since 1935, the restaurant serves white seafood specialty pizza with toppings like a freshly shucked clam, up to two pounds of shrimp, or lobster with shrimp and scallops served all on one pizza.

Another stand-out is Santarpio’s Pizza in Boston, Massachusetts, which has been slinging dough since 1903. Usher famously visited the restaurant where he, after eating shrimp scampi pizza and a sausage pizza, declared: “I’ve traveled all over the world and this is the best pizza I’ve ever had.” Certainly, the pizzeria figured out what sticks after 116 years!

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And finally, but not least of all, The Original Tacconelli’s Pizzeria in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the small restaurant with wood paneling, a neon sign, and two small dining rooms, only serves four pizzas with a strict limitation of three toppings – sometimes two if the owner is in. Open since 1946 as a “one man, one oven” pizzeria, Tacconelli’s has earned its confidence in its standards of fine pizza.

Although when it comes to interior design, Vic's Italian Restaurant in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, is almost like a time machine with its "green Naugahyde booths" and vintage light fixtures, all reminiscent of the Silver Screen era. And its popular thin-crust pizza hasn't changed since the 1940s either. 

Be sure to read the list to see the rest of 56 listed pizzerias!