Keep your eye on the pie with 'Pizza: A Slice of American History'

When this Nashville food reviewer got PMQ Magazine's Liz Barrett's bookPizza: A Slice of American Historyshe expected a cookbook, but got something more satisfying.

Chris Chamberlain of,found a highly entertaining historical and sociological survey of pizzas around the world with a few recipes tossed in. (Pun intended.)

Barrett is an editor-at-large atPMQ Pizza Magazine, the premier trade publication of the niche industry, so she knows of which she writes. In addition to the standard Neopolitan, New York, Chicago and Sicilian styles that I already knew about, Barrett introduced me to more exotic and obscure variations such as New Haven, White Clam, St. Louis, Montanara and Vesuvio styles. Montanara deep-fries a Neapolitan crust before adding toppings.

Learn more about reviewerChamberlain's pizza education at the hands of PMQ's pizzablogger and author Liz Barrett.