Kamron's komments

So – what's a grabber you ask? A grabber is something you insert or attach to your mailing that forces the recipient to reach out and grab your offer, letter, postcard…whatever.

Now, figure that once you've gone through the aggravation and expense of putting a mailing together, wouldn't it be nice if lots and lots of people actually read it? See, you think that's what's happening now, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you mail 100 letters or postcards, chances are about 5 to 25 percent will be read. It depends on the list you mail to.

So, providing you've been using all the other great ways I revealed to you in the Black Book to get your ads read – word-for-word-here's a technique that, frankly, I forgot to include. Let's say you are mailing a letter to attract new customers (again, you'll still use the Black Book techniques) – here is a way to get an EVEN higher response.

Craft your letter. Start with the headline or you can do without because the "grabber" gets their attention. Next, put in the offer, guarantee, call to action. Here's the grabber part. Staple a tiny bag of your "secret seasonings" to the top of the letter. Hmmm? What for?

Because this will draw people in to the letter. First they'll notice there's something in the envelope because they can "feel" it. Then, when they actually see this mysterious bag one of the greatest motivators of all time kicks in – Curiosity.

Yeah, they want to know what this little bag of seasonings is all about. So, they start reading your letter. Here's your opening:

Dear Neighbor,

I know it's kind of goofy to attach a real packet of my marinara seasoning to this letter, but I wanted to make a very important point. Look carefully at that packet right now.

Now, if you were to compare my seasonings to the fast-food pizza chains you would notice something alarming. Their's is 50 percent sugar. Mine is only 15 percent. Why do they load their sauce up with sugar? To hook your children.

As you can see, my sauce is loaded with real "flavor," not just a bunch of sugar. Sure, it costs just a little bit more, but what's an extra dollar when it comes to your family.

We slow simmer the onions, garlic and olive oil. Then we "fold" the seasonings in, which "blooms" the flavor throughout the sauce. Plus, our sauce is blended from several different textures of tomatoes and sauces. This gives it an amazing taste and hearty texture you just won't find with ordinary "runny" pizza sauce.

Yes, it's more work than just opening a can of tomato sauce and adding sugar like others do, but great flavor doesn't come straight out of a can.

Here's another approach:

Dear Neighbor,

Why have I attached a little tiny bag of flour to this letter? Here is why: A lot of people keep telling me how wonderful and tasty our pizza crust is. And they are asking "why" ours is so much tastier than our competitors.

Well, to begin with, a very high protein content is absolutely required to bake a great crust. Inferior flour doesn't have the gluten needed to support the gas that causes the crust to rise during baking. Poor cell structure results in limp, often soggy, pizza crust.

That's why we only use high-gluten "Spring Harvest" flour. So, while others use whatever flour is cheap at the time, we always use the good stuff.

Secondly, great tasting dough requires time to develop a "complex" taste. Like beer or even good wine, time is needed so the yeast can ferment and impart "character" to the dough. It's a symphony of delicate interaction between yeast and sugar that makes a great tasting crust.

Do you see how you can use these inexpensive little "grabbers" to not only get your prospects attention but provide a prop to tell a story that positions you over your competitors?

Here's another one:

Dear Neighbor,

Why have I attached a real Mexican Peso to the top of this letter? Here's why: This Friday night we are introducing our brand new SOB pizza (South of the Border). And, I'm telling you this pizza is the closest thing to a Mexican vacation you'll get without hoping on a plane.

Another angle:

Dear Neighbor,

Why have I stapled a certificate for one "FREE bottle of water" to the top of this letter?

Here's why: This Friday night we are introducing our brand new SOB pizza (South of the Border). And, I'm telling you, this pizza is so authentic – You'll Be Afraid to Drink the Water!

Guess what else works? A real life, genuine photograph! Yeah. Not a reproduction – but a real photo. Here's how that works.

Dear Neighbor,

Why have I stapled a photograph of a pizza to the top of this letter?

Here's why: This Friday night we are introducing our brand new SOB pizza (South of the Border). And, I'm telling you, this pizza is so good, well take a look at the picture and you'll see the full half-pound of shredded beef. You'll also notice the real jack cheese and, of course, check out those jalapeno peppers. Those aren't just any jalapenos either they're the.

Imagine the orders you will generate when you send a photo of a heart shaped pizza out – about a week before Valentines Day.

The name of the game is to get their "attention." That's why I hammer on that so much in the Black Book. You either a) have a killer headline loaded with benefits for them, or b) something (like a grabber) that arouses their curiosity. Once curiosity is aroused, it can't be extinguished until it is satisfied.

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