Kaivac Introduces New AutoVac System

(Press Release) Hamilton, OH – August 14, 2012 – Kaivac, one of the recipients of the National Restaurant Association 2012 Kitchen Innovations Award for its OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning system, announces the introduction of the latest “link” in this popular system. 

Called the AutoVac, the new addition is used to clean and maintain floors and has already been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).  

Certification by this independent, third-party organization verifies that the AutoVac can help to minimize the potential for a slip-and-fall accident to occur–a key concern in food service facilities.Pre-introduction tests indicate the AutoVac rivals the cleaning performance of traditional automatic scrubbers.  

The OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning system starts with Kaivac’s OmniFlex Trolley Bucket. The Trolley Bucket has a self-dispensing design with a variable spigot, ensuring that only fresh cleaning solution is applied to floors. The OmniFlex system already includes a variety of add-on components designed for different cleaning situations, including their Dispense-and-Vac and Spray-and-Vac systems.  

The AutoVac can be used in conjunction with these add-ons, or users may select the AutoVac Complete–a preconfigured unit that includes the Trolley Bucket, a wet/dry vacuum, and an AutoVac Add-On Kit. 

An additional model, the AutoVac Complete 220V, is also available to meet certain international voltage requirements. 

“We have been beta-testing this system for more than six months,” says Matt Morrison, Marketing Manager for Kaivac. “Overall, we have gotten very good feedback from users.” 

Morrison adds that the AutoVac will prove especially helpful for restaurant owners/managers “because it is small, effective, helps promote safety, is easy to use, and is surprisingly cost effective.”



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