Everyone knows about the top 50 pizza chains. They have the biggest marketing budgets, the best technology, training departments, legal departments and other advantages that come from having an existing and well-developed network of commerce in the $45 billion American pizza marketplace.


…but but but but but….

According to research, Americans want to buy local. They want authenticity in their pizza. They want variety, fresher food and pizza adventure. They want to share their food, and pizza is meant to be shared. And the average independent pizzeria is always located nearby because there are more of them.

Clearly, the reason the chains have gained so much market share over the last 10 years, despite the underlying advantages offered by independents, has been the overpowering convenience of digital ordering and digital marketing, which have until recently been something that only the chains could do.

Now independents are catching up to the chains, according to PMQ’s 2018 Pizza Industry Census:

  • 89% of operators have a website.
  • 82% have a Facebook page.
  •  58.7% have a POS system.
  •  57.08% offer online ordering.
  •  41% have a Pizza Rewards program.
  •  39% have an Instagram account.
  •  37% use email marketing.
  •  16% use text marketing.

Independents are on their way to matching the chains in their digital prowess.

Now that independents are closing the gap on the biggest advantage the chains have (technology), PMQ thinks it’s time to take advantage of the independents’ biggest advantage—being independent. When consumers are looking for the best pizza, do they expect to find it at a chain or an independent? I have heard it said many times that the biggest brand name in the pizza world is “Independent Pizza” (no royalty fee either).

PMQ has now launched PizzaTV on the Roku streaming service. Our mission is to celebrate the pizza industry and provide consumers with the information they want to know about pizza and the people that make it. And who is more qualified to provide content for a Pizza Television Network than the readers, viewers and subscribers of the PMQ community?

We’re just getting started. Please register your pizzeria at PizzaTV.com, and if you have a programming proposal, need publicity for a pilot or have any suggestions on how we should move forward with programming, please email proposals@pizzatv.com. We look forward to working with you to make PizzaTV a powerful force for independent pizzerias across the United States!