July 7, 2010,– The New Zealand Prime Minister Mr. John Key went to Gung Ho! Pizza to attend the opening ceremony.

GungHo! Pizza is a pizzeria, whose funders are New Zealanders Jade Gray and John O’Loghlen, locates on ChinaViewMansion, Beijing.

On 1:00 PM, Mr. Prime Minister Arrived at Gung Ho! Pizza together with his family and be companied with the ambassador to China, Carl Worker.

After the opening speech, the prime minister put on the apron with “Minister of Pizza” and went to the kitchen making a pizza by himself and delivered it to the surroundings.


Took an hour off the busy Chinese visit to attend the opening ceremony of a New Zealand Pizzeria give us a signal that the Prime Minister welcomed the bilateral commercial communication of China and New Zealand and showed great support of New Zealanders to start their business in China. As we all know that the two countries have been always keep a good relationship with great potential in political, economy, education and so on. The visit of Mr. John Key provides a good chance for the two countries to get better understand to each other.

As New Zealand is a big cheese supplier of China’s market and the increasing trend of dairy price, the Prime Minister’s Chinese trip is no doubt to be the gospel for stimulating the export of New Zealand Dairy which will do great good to China Pizza market.

Meanwhile, Mr. John Key shows great confidence to China’s pizza market and encourages the investment of New Zealanders in China.

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