""“Joe’s Pizza Buy the Slice serves up instant gratification, American-pie style. You walk in at lunchtime, plunk down a $5 bill and walk out with two hot slices and a drink, according to the Kansas City Star. You’ll be back in your car before the dome lights have dimmed. Other local establishments make good pizza but fail to grasp the implied immediacy of “by the slice.” Choosing toppings and waiting 10 minutes while they bake it up violates the grab-and-go compact of street pizza.

“Fortunately, Joe’s owner, Joe Addington of Olathe, is a by-the-slice purist. ‘It has to be fast,” he said. “We are constantly making pizzas. … We’re making six different kinds all day long.’ Even though keeping a constant supply of hot pies means occasionally having to toss one that sits longer than 45 minutes, Addington says, the repeat business you get from customers knowing they can always get hot pie now is worth it. Apparently he’s on to something — Joe’s celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.”

“The tiny storefront has, in Addington’s words, ’12 non-drinking seats inside Joe’s and 200 drinking seats inside Kelly’s,’ the venerable bar next door. Open till 3 a.m. seven days a week, Joe’s is on the short list of late-night non-chain food destinations in town. The normal price for a slice is . 25 for a single topping and $3.75 for a combo (all prices at Joe’s include tax), but Joe’s offers several great lunch deals.”


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