J&J Snack Foods Now Offers Organic Frozen Novelties

Moosic, PA- Fall, 2008 – MIA Products facility (Moosic, PA) has been awarded certification by Pennsylvania Certified Organic and meets USDA qualifications to bear the USDA Certified Organic logo.  Therefore, it produces product that is made with at least 95% Organic ingredients.


With sixty-nine percent of the US adult consumers buying organic products*, Organic frozen novelties are a natural fit!  All fruit juice flavored, frozen novelty items are fat free, dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free and also low in calories.  Unique packing offers on-the-go, one-handed eating, catering to the consumer. 


Organic, as will all JJSF frozen novelties, the items are manufactured using a Multi-Barrier Ultra Filtration water purification system. This process is exclusive to all J&J Snack Foods frozen novelty items manufactured at its MIA Products facility in Moosic, PA.  This state-of-the-art facility has over 25,000 square feet of processing area and another 20,000 feet of support area.  J&J Snack Foods Corp. is known for frozen novelty offerings and for using only the finest ingredients; making no compromise on quality.


J&J Snack Foods manufacturers three distinct product forms produced on various equipment and production lines.  This enables the ability to produce a number of popular items in a variety of sizes, meeting consumer demands.  The traditional Italian Ice/Sorbet cup ranges in available sizes with both paper and tamper-evident foil lids.  Additionally offered are uniquely shaped conical tubes also with a tamper-evident foil lid.  Up to two flavors may be swirled in a single tube to create a dynamic, great tasting, grab-n-go product.  J&J Snack Foods holds the exclusive rights to M Pak® technology, which is a frozen product, triangular in shape, and is packed in both retail and food service shippers. 


Because of the recent food crisis regarding food safety associated with pesticides and chemical processing, it is important to be able to offer alternative product offerings to your customers.  For more information call 888-JJSNACK ext 6140 to speak with someone today!