According to, “The RV’s have been rolling in since Thursday night. But, by now, most have set up shop. The margaritas are flowing and the party is in full swing.”

” ‘Jimmy Buffett and the tailgate party. Right ladies? Yeaaaaahhhhhh,’ said Jimmy Buffett Parrothead Kim Ernest. The Parrotheads are here to see Jimmy Buffett perform Saturday night at Pizza Hut Park. ‘It’s like a state of mind. Even though, we’re not at the ocean, listening to his music, drinking land sharks it’s all relaxing,’ said Jimmy Buffett Parrothead Stephanie Day. Speaking of sharks, our cameras caught a few. They call themselves The Fin Men. ‘There’s nothing like strapping on a three foot tall fin on your head, and joining your friends, having a few drinks and working the crowd,’ said Fin Man Kevin Johnson.”

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