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Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder Promote Pizza Products

""According to, “NBC’s first Sunday night game, which will feature the Redskins and the Cowboys squaring off.”

“But the owners of the two teams, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder, will be together for about 30 seconds or so, as they promote some pizza. Papa John’s to be specific — Jones and Synder have teamed up for a deliciously expensive ad promoting the Papa during the telecast.The pairing, which to some might make as much sense as lamb and tuna fish added to a large ‘za, actually isn’t completely random: both the Redskins and Cowboys sell Papa John’s in their stadiums. And of course, because Papa John himself is hysterical (I actually have proof of this, but YouTube removed it for some stupid reason), Jones is a gifted and skilled actor (see: Entourage), and Snyder is secretly Stephen Colbert, there is at least a 75 percent chance that everyone doesn’t hate it. Added bonus: Jerry doesn’t sing.”