Single Bean + Single Hop = Java the Hop. 

That was the concept when Fort George Brewery and Coava Coffee Roasters collaborated on last winter’s seasonal.  The goal was to create an IPA with huge coffee aromatics, yet without the roastiness and dark color of your typical coffee beer.  And starting this week, Java the Hop is back – with a new coffee bean, a different hop, and the same signature 16-oz can with the burlap backround.

Single Bean – Gichuna

From Kiambu East District, Kenya, the Gichuna coffee beans grow on a family farm that has been passed down for multiple generations.  They wet mill, ferment, and wash on site, then dry the beans on raised beds.  Expect hints of caramel, molasses, and carob mixed with notes of rhubarb, hibiscus, and currant.  The Gichuna beans are imported and roasted exclusively by Coava Coffee.

Single Hop – Simcoe

First bred by Yakima Chief Ranches, Simcoes are a unique American hybrid with a strong Northwest flavor.  Passionfruit, apricot, and intense pine and woodsy aroma add to the fresh, youthful vigor of this complex hop.

Don’t let the radiant orange hue fool you.  As you raise a pint to your nose there is absolutely no doubt what you are getting: a coffee IPA.  Java the Hop is a limited run seasonal, available in 16-oz cans and draft while supplies last.  Grab a pint or a case at Fort George Brewery in Astoria, or check the Fort George beer finder at for a Northwest location near you.  

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