Aiko's Pizza

Japanese Pizza Chain Brandishes a Gargantuan Pizza Sandwich

The pizza sandwich has 18 meat toppings.

Aiko’s Pizza, a national pizza chain across Japan, doesn’t shy away from odd pies like the Potato Special featuring “plenty of potatoes and mayonnaise,” Ham Corn with “plenty of sweet corn,” and its original Chicken Terriyaki.

Now its name is splashed across national headlines for its newest concoction: Nikku Mountain (Meat Mountain), which is two pizzas piled into two kilograms of meat toppings.

The top pizza has beef steak, hamburger, roast ham, Iberico bacon, sliced bacon, bacon bits, pepperoni, mini wieners, pork sausage, Italian sausage, and Grand Alto Bayern (a brand of aged meat).  Then below the first pie sits black beef ribs, special-ground meat, spicy meat sauce, taco meat, and raw ham.

Amidst the meat madness is BBQ sauce, Ajillo sauce, mozzarella cheese, gouda cheese, black pepper, fried garlic, and parsley.

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