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Papa John’s Goes Spicy-Hot With New Jalapeño Popper Rolls

The side item features jalapeños mellowed by Philadelphia Cream Cheese wrapped in dough baked to a crispy golden-brown.

Not to be outdone by rival Pizza Hut’s new Mozzarella Poppers Pizza, Papa John’s popped up with a new item of its own: Jalapeño Popper Rolls.

According to a press release, Papa John’s has spiced up its menu with an app that packs some heat. The Jalapeño Popper Rolls feature the flavor of jalapeño mellowed by Philadelphia Cream Cheese and are available in an order of eight, served with ranch dipping sauce.

“With our Jalapeño Popper Rolls, we are delivering our unique take on one of America’s classic appetizers,” said Paul Fabre, Papa John’s senior vice president of product innovation. “Our guests can add this new tasty side to bring a little spice to pizza night!”

The Jalapeño Popper Rolls are baked to a crispy golden-brown rather than fried, which “highlights the quality and freshness of the dough,” the company said. They’ll sell for $5.99 per order, and each roll reportedly has 60 calories.

The launch of the new item follows Papa John’s recent menu addition of Papadias, an Italian-style flatbread sandwich aimed at boosting the chain’s lunch business.

Joseph Neese of introduced the Jalapeño Popper Rolls as his “newest food crush.” He wrote: “Philadelphia cream cheese is spread across Papa John’s original fresh dough, which forms the foundation of these bite-sized treats. The creaminess of the Philadelphia [cream cheese] perfectly cuts the heat of the jalapeños that go on top.”

Youtube food reviewer Ian K of Peep THIS Out also gave the poppers a rave review: “Lots of heat right away,” he said, on his first bite (see video below). “There are whole pieces of jalapeno in here, and that cream cheese is pretty nice as well … My mouth is watering so badly but in the best possible way because the flavor is awesome.”