It's Time to Sell More Wine – Here's How to Do It!

Looking for a way to increase wine sales? Marketing guru Tom Feltenstein of Tom Feltenstein’s Power Marketing Academy offered this excellent promotional idea in his book, 501 Killer Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales, Maximize Profits and Stomp Your Competition.

On a monthly basis, choose a particular type of wine, preferably an affordable and accessible wine that will appeal to a broad clientele. For each bottle of wine, create a table tent, card or some other kind of printed piece explaining the wine’s attributes, qualities and origin. Each month, place that bottle of wine and the explanatory piece on all of the tables in your pizzeria.

At the beginning of each month, teach all of your servers about the wine so that they can answer any questions. Encourage them to try to sell as much of that wine as possible. Post a tally board in your restaurant to keep track of each server’s sales of that wine. At the end of each month, reward the server with the most wine sales with some kind of bonus and a “Sommelier in Training” certificate. To keep other staff members interested, keep the certificate posted in your restaurant throughout the month.

Use a new wine and a new table tent or flyer every month as long as add-on sales of wine continue and the program remains profitable. Advertise this promotion on social media and make sure to stick with it!