• Toppers Pizza is giving customers everything they need to make their own Coke floats at home.
  • The brand has also introduced two new wing flavors: Chipotle Citrus and Sweet Heat BBQ.

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It’s Coke Float Summer at Toppers Pizza, and the chain has rolled out a couple of warm-weather wing specials as well.

Through October 9 or while supplies last, Toppers’ Coke Float Summer offers guests two 20-ounce sodas, a pint of custard and two souvenir Coca-Cola cups to make their own decadent custard floats at home for $8.99.

Meanwhile, Toppers’ new wing flavors, Chipotle Citrus and Sweet Heat BBQ, have been crafted to “give guests the perfect combo of sweet and spicy to take their wings to the next level,” the company said.

Toppers’ Chipotle Citrus bone-in wings

Mac Malchow, director of national marketing and menu innovation for Toppers Pizza, said “test audiences have gone crazy” for the two new wing flavors. Additionally, he said, Coke Float Summer “is without a doubt one of our most exciting limited-time offers.”

“Beyond just a new flavor or item, Coke Float Summer offers a unique and fun summer experience,” Malchow said. “We provide everything needed for guests to make their own floats at home using our incredible custard. Floats have always been an essential part of summer, and now we’re making them the star.”

Toppers Pizza offers a witty summary of the Coke float promo on its website: “Anyone who doesn’t want a Coke float is one scoop short of a sundae.”

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Whitewater, Wisconsin, Toppers has more than 70 locations.

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