Its Amore! Figaros Pizza Introduces New Italian Thin Crust Trio

          (Salem, OR)—-In January, Figaro’s Pizza will debut the Italian Thin Crust Trio. Available in Traditional, Pesto Chicken, and Chicken Bacon Ranch, these crispy thin crust pizzas will be offered from January to March 2007.
          A Figaro’s favorite, the Traditional, is topped with pepperoni, sausage and black olives. The Pesto Chicken features marinated chicken breast, pesto sauce, black olives and feta cheese and the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza combines marinated chicken breast, crispy bacon, tomatoes and sweet red onions in a creamy garlic ranch sauce. All three pizzas are featured on Figaros’ crispy thin crust and sprinkled with a blend of Romano and Parmesan cheese for only $9.99 for a large.
            Figaro’s Pizza is the nation’s largest chain in the “We Bake or You Bake” segment of the pizza industry that includes about a dozen players. In June 2004 it became the only chain to offer delivery of both baked and unbaked pizzas.
Recognized as “the best pizza you can have at home,” Figaro’s Pizza features a distinctive taste profile with “flavors that sing” because of the premium meats, vegetables and dough that are used. Pizzas can be baked in the restaurant or taken home in oven-ready baking trays for home baking. Pizza is also sold by the slice. There are 4,000 topping combinations to choose from. Other menu items include delicious pasta, sandwiches, individual calzones, salads and soft drinks.
Headquartered in Salem, Ore., Figaro’s Pizza has grown to approximately 110 locations. The company expects to open 15 to 30 new units per year over the next several years. The company is focusing on building mass in its current 21 states using a network of master franchisees.