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Italian Grill & Dessert: LAGRILLIA

La Grillia, Italian for ‘The Grill’, serves a variety of Italian grilled dishes and desserts. The Italian designed interior will treat the guests at the restaurant to a taste of Milan, Italy.


Menu                      Various grilled dishes, desserts, wine and coffee

Features               An Italian restaurant serving fresh hardwood charcoal grilled dishes together with

                                desserts handmade by patissiers

Price Range         Brunch – Around 6 €, Main Dishes – Around 7~25 € (VAT not included)

Location                                Inside COEX Millennium Square in Seoul

Open Hours         8 AM ~ 11 PM (Brunch 8AM~11AM, Lunch Menus 11AM~2PM)


You’re seated by the window in a nice Italian restaurant waiting for your order. A neatly dressed waiter comes up and serves your order – charcoal grilled seafood, a glass of chilled Chablis, and a piece of freshly made sweet dessert.


A sight from ‘LA GRILLIA,’ just opened at the COEX Millennium Square in Seoul. ‘LA GRILLIA,’ Italian for ‘The Grill,’ is a grill and dessert restaurant. Italian designer & conceptor Franco Costa (COSTA GROUP) and Paolo Maldotti had their hands in creating the restaurant, giving it a strong passionate atmosphere that is so Italian. It’s already become a new gathering spot for gourmets and fasionistas.


First comers to the restaurant might wonder about the ‘Grill & Dessert Bar’ part. Ordering a meal at LA GRILLIA entitles you to any 3 mini desserts that await you at the dessert bar. Finishing off with light desserts after a heavy grill dish is a novel and delightful experience that cannot be had anywhere else, and a must for gourmets. Almost all dishes are grilled on hardwood charcoal. This is because a quick grill on hot hardwood charcoal brings out the true taste of fresh, quality ingredients. Grilled dishes include steak, seafood, spaghetti, and salad. Then there are outstanding fusion dishes such as oriental pork salad, rib eye served with and soybean paste cheese risotto. With such a variety on the menu, there’s something for everyone.

When ordering, you should not pass up the LA GRILLIA SPECIAL, ‘LA GRILLIA Beef On The Stone.’ The sizzle of sirloin steak on heated stone, the brilliant flame from a drip of brandy, the crisp gravy on the stone and the tender meat will all have your appetite running. Of course, needless to say, the taste is top notch.

The black & red interior makes it an ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine as well. Each item on the menu comes with a matching wine for your approval. Sommeliers are at your service, which makes it a suitable spot for simple and formal business meeting as well. From 10 to 11 pm, bottles of wine are served at a 10% discount.


This summer everyone’s invited to a splendid meal at LA GRILLIA is the right place for a couple out on a special night out, a gourmet out with a friend in search for a delight, businessmen and career women in search of a spot for brunch or dinner meeting, or even those who just like spaghetti or steak.


La Grillia – Italian Grill & Dessert

Coex Millennium Hall

159-9 Samsung-dong

Gangnam-gu, Seoul  (South Korea)

Tel. (+82 ) 02.553.9192