By Alex Vasilkin

Have you ever wondered if pizza tracker apps are really tracking your pie? Have you ever caught yourself staring at a delivery tracker, wondering if it’s really keeping pace with your order?

YouTuber Sam Reid recently decided to test the trackers. Stakeout style, he placed orders with Domino’s and Papa John’s to see whether the trackers were genuinely monitoring each step of the order process.

His experiment proved the importance of real-time delivery tracking and ETA accuracy—not only for the big chains, but for mid-size pizza shops and restaurants too.

The Importance of Real-Time Tracking and ETA Accuracy

When a consumer is willing to conduct undercover stakeouts to test a restaurant’s delivery tracking accuracy, you know it’s an important issue.

According to Cartwheel data, nearly 80 percent say accurate tracking makes them happier with their delivery. When a tracker indicates that a meal is being prepped or is on its way, this information should be accurate and reliable. It’s not just about knowing when your food might arrive; it’s about ensuring transparency and honesty in service delivery.

That’s why real-time tracking in the delivery experience is crucial.

In the video, Domino’s demonstrates its proficiency in tracking what happens inside the restaurant using advanced Kitchen Display Systems (KDS). These systems keep customers informed about each step their order undergoes, from receipt to preparation to readiness for delivery.

While Domino’s has top shelf technology both inside and outside the kitchen, it’s often what happens after the pizza leaves the oven that customers care about most.

Diners eager for their hot meal at home appreciate detailed updates about their order’s journey, including when the courier picks up their order, the courier’s current location, and the imminent arrival time.

To truly enhance customer trust and satisfaction, comprehensive delivery management technologies can be integrated with many popular POS systems to provide clear ETAs and step-by-step updates to customers. The ability to ensure transparency and reliability builds trust and drives repeat orders.

What’s Up with Driver Tracking Apps?

The biggest surprise of Sam’s stakeout was seeing a delivery driver sit idly in his car, with someone’s red-hot pizza waiting alongside him. This isn’t typical when a driver tracking technology is in place.

Moments like those are what delivery trackers are meant to prevent. Effective delivery management systems equip users with driver tracking technology, which is crucial for maintaining accountability and efficiency.

Driver apps do more than map out the fastest route. They also serve to keep tabs on drivers to prevent idle time, so your pizza is sure to be delivered fresh.

Being Honest About Batched Orders

Have you ever ordered from a restaurant nearby expecting a speedy delivery, but find that the ETA keeps ticking upward, as Sam experienced with one of his orders?

It’s likely the order was batched with others, and letting customers know this ahead of time can sometimes soften the blow of a longer wait time.

As we saw with Domino’s informing Sam there was another delivery in progress, it’s important to keep customers updated on the status of their order. That way, they’re not left wondering if their food is taking a detour through the city.

So, knowing that your delivery service values real-time accuracy and transparency is a big deal, whether you’re a restaurant owner or just a hungry customer.

It’s not just about having the tech—it’s about genuinely using it to enhance the diner’s delivery experience—and pizza trackers can help make sure that happens.

Alex Vasilkin is the co-founder and CEO of Cartwheel, a leading technology provider powering the delivery operations of top restaurants like Portillo’s, P.F. Chang’s and Potbelly, where he is responsible for the strategic vision and day-to-day operations that drive Cartwheel’s impressive growth. Prior to founding Cartwheel, Vasilkin launched a restaurant with celebrity chef Govind Armstrong (quickly becoming the top delivery restaurant on GrubHub in LA) and founded delivery service Gourmet Runner (serving hundreds of restaurants in Los Angeles).