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Best in Show: Nightclub & Bar Show and Louisiana Restaurant Showcase

PMQ’s staffers review products from two F&B industry events—the Nightclub & Bar Show and the Louisiana Restaurant Association Showcase.

Nightclub & Bar Show, Las Vegas

Linda Green, Co-Publisher

Fresh Origins Farm
Fresh Origins Farm grows the very best microgreens, edible flowers and unique specialty items for every type of cuisine. There is no farm quite like it! They’re located in San Diego County, where the natural sunshine and wind produce flavorful, colorful, robust plants. With more than 500 varietals, from micro basils and petite parsleys to exotic leaves and micro flowers, there is something for everyone. Try their herb, fruit and flower crystals, too!

Powers Paper
Powers Paper is on a mission to provide products that will advance the restaurant and bar industry. I really liked the PowerNap Charging Solution napkin dispenser, which has a built-in phone charger that’s portable and rechargeable. Check out their washroom towel and tissue offerings, too. Based in northeast Wisconsin and offering products that are all made in the USA, they’re committed to enhancing your customer’s experience in a hygienic yet economical manner. 


Premier Proteins
From hot to mild, Premier Proteins specializes in ultra-premium Berkshire sausage and bacon. They have full customization ability and can develop, tweak or build your perfect topping. You’ll immediately notice the quality difference in taste, texture and tenderness due to breeding—all animals are raised humanely on small family farms, with no antibiotics or hormones—and craft processing techniques. They also offer Wagyu beef, grass-fed Angus beef, and bison.

Restaurant owners have been looking for more ways to incorporate reusable and unbreakable plastic drinkware. This is something that WonkyWare can provide! Their plastic drinkware, made in the USA from Tritan material, won’t chip, shatter or crack if dropped on a hard surface. They can also put logos on your drinkware for a great marketing message. If you’re looking to save money over time with a safer, more cost-effective and unbreakable product, their plastic drinkware is the right option for you.

Tom Boyles, Account Representative

Beer Tubes

Rather than have your servers running single beers out to the tables, save time, sell more beer and excite customers with a self-serve Beer Tube. I liked their classic designs with a variety of finishes that match any theme or decor. Their patented sports designs are great for sports bars, pizzerias and restaurants. They also offer accessories, like cooling devices, cleaning items and lighted lids. They can add any logo or theme to the dispensers for enhanced visual power. Call and tell them you saw it in PMQ!


For just $1 a day, Cool-A-Zone’s evaporative coolers provide relief to customers and restaurant staff indoors and outdoors. Their CoolBox is not an air conditioner—it doesn’t contain any chemicals and doesn’t need to exhaust. The technology creates the effect you feel from a breeze passing through rain. Rain droplets draw in heat, and the resulting air feels cooler. Similarly, ambient air passes through the fan of the CoolBox and across the damp honeycomb pad, dropping the temperature by 10°F to 15°F.


Your brick-oven pizza doesn’t deserve a brick-oven POS system. Arryved was founded by a couple of tech geeks who love craft beer (or are they beer geeks who love tech?). The system was developed for craft brewpubs and now serves dynamic F&B operations of all kinds, on-premise and online. Get online ordering, easy tab-splitting and tab-merging, and more pizza-centric tools. You can keep tabs open without holding cards and expedite your food service with easy modifiers and guest tracking.

Louisiana Restaurant Association Showcase

Tom Boyles, Account Representative

Magic Seasoning Blends
If you are in the restaurant industry, chances are you’ve heard of the late Chef Paul Prudhomme and Magic Seasoning Blends. But have you ever really looked at their line of seasonings? From Pizza & Pasta Magic and Magic Italian Seasoning to Vegetable Magic and Poultry Magic, they offer seasonings and marinades that give your pizzas, wings, pastas and other menu items that unique kick. Custom blends are one of their favorite challenges. They’re focused on creating flavors with an intense emphasis on taste.




Dining Alliance
Did you know there are thousands of dollars in rebates and discounts waiting for you on the equipment, ingredients and other items you already buy? Through Dining Alliance’s free program, pizzerias save on purchases without having to change what they buy or who they buy it from. Dining Alliance collects and organizes your purchasing data to uncover savings and brings together thousands of U.S. operators to help you pay less on your purchases. Operators that join Dining Alliance increase their margin by using their negotiated contracts and technology to make more informed business decisions.