Indianapolis’s Incredible Pizza Company Announces Educators Open House

(Press Release) Indianapolis, IN, August 1, 2012–Indy’s Incredible Pizza Company has unveiled a new educational school program that correlates directly with the state’s standard curriculum for elementary grades  through 8th. They will have two open houses for educators to review the program.  The dates will be on Tuesday, September 18th at 6pm and Tuesday, September 25th at 6pm. RSVP is required to or by calling 317-441-9111 and should be received by September 14th and September 21st respectively.  Open house guests will receive a free buffet and drink, as well as the opportunity to win door prizes! Incredible Pizza will present its brand new curriculum that is aligned with Indiana State Standards.

 Children and their parents can now enjoy an exciting and unique twist on learning core curriculum all while enjoying themselves. “This program works to address the fundamental elements of a child’s education and puts the fun back into gaining crucial knowledge,” says Jim Leonard, Manager of Indianapolis’s Incredible Pizza Company. “It is our hope that programs like this will continue to enrich the local community.” 

Each lesson puts a distinct twist on the otherwise standard school courses for grades through 8th. A fun overview of each course will be available during the open house and includes the following:
·         History and Geography lessons using Route 66 mini golf
·         Lessons on computation, science, and engineering using the go-karts
·         Lessons on economics, finance, and problem solving while shopping in the redemption store
·         Lessons on problem solving, life science, and agricultural education using the buffet