Indiana coach fired for tweet threat to burn down Memories Pizza

Emotions have not moderated much sincenews broke that Memories Pizza in Indiana would refuse tocatera gay wedding in the aftermath of the state's passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. One Hoosier who apparently felt very strongly about the issue took matterstoo far–and lost her job as a result. reports softball coachJessica Dooley with Concord Community Schools was terminated on April 20.Superintendent WayneStubbsconfirmed the action toThe Goshen Newsthat Jessica Dooley was fired for her tweet inviting respondents to join her and in burning down the controversial pizzeria.Dooley had been suspended since April 1.Dooley had been an assistant softball and track coach and was the head coach for the girls golf team before the tweeting incident.On March 31 Dooley sent the message, "Who’s going toWalkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizzaw me?

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