New Platform Combines AI with Human Operators to Take Phone Orders (With Video)

Restaurants are losing money because they are struggling to pick up phone orders and food delivery giants are taking away their business. While some franchises have tried to automate phone ordering with artificial intelligence, too much automation can also be frustrating and ineffective.

kea, a voice AI company, has launched Indecisive AI to fix the broken ordering system and bring customers directly to restaurants instead of going through third-party aggregators that take 20% to 30% commission on every order. The platform combines AI with human operators to ensure restaurants never miss an order, and customers always have the option to customize.

The platform is in more than 250 family-owned restaurants and leading quick-serve restaurants (QSRs), including Papa John’s, Donatos Pizza and Primanti Brothers. It will be implemented in 1,000 restaurants across 37 states by 2021, according to kea.

Indecisive AI’s capabilities include: 

Learns and customizes: The proprietary AI is streamlined into any restaurant’s pre-installed ordering systems, then learns all menu items and inventory. The whole process takes approximately two weeks, but once the location has it implemented, it only takes five minutes for kea to transfer to other locations via the cloud.

Upsells and eliminates food waste: The AI learns to upsell items that pair well with customers’ repeat orders or that need to be sold to reduce food waste. As a result, ticket items increase by an average of 20% to 40%.

The secret sauce: Anyone that uses AI-voice services knows that it doesn’t always get things right, and more often than not, humans will press 0 to speak to a representative. kea hires and trains phone operators to help give customers who don’t want to speak to AI another option to finish their order and jump in when AI does not follow complex customization requests, which happens 20% to 30% of the time.

“kea’s technology is the perfect symbiosis of AI and humans working together,” said Adam Ahmad, founder and CEO of kea. “By opening a direct channel for restaurants to receive orders, kea is enabling restaurants to own their relationships with customers and focus their efforts on making quality food more efficiently.”

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