Incredible Pizza Sells Its ’57 Chevy Collection reports, “That long line of red ’57 Chevys in front of Incredible Pizza brought a big smile — and a few tears — to one Springfield resident.”

“Alice Butterfield, 69, and her husband Floyd, 70, stopped by several times to look at the cars, and Alice finally decided to buy one for Floyd for Christmas. She said the $7,000 present brought tears to his eyes. ‘He had bought one before and was going to refinish it, but he’s not able to because of his health,’ Alice said. ‘This one I bought already runs.'”

“She said the keys to the car likely will end up in her husband’s Christmas stocking this morning. The nine four-door 1957 Chevys had been in storage at the Incredible Pizza warehouse, where they were to eventually have been used in future Incredible Pizza restaurants, said restaurant owner Rick Barsness.”