Incredible Pizza Opens in Iowa

According to a report on, "America’s Incredible Pizza Company in Urbandale, IA (Greater Des Moines area) is now open. After two VIP nights where the company entertained thousands of invited residents and dignitaries from around the community and state, the massive family fun and food center opened its doors to the public on Thursday. A local resident remarked at the store opening, 'It’s been seven years since I’ve seen this parking lot full. It’s really encouraging to see families getting out to support this new business and have fun at the same time.'”

"The Urbandale, IA location opens at 11am daily for its $5.99 lunch buffet. Special hours start at 9am for moms or dads with children ages 1 to 6 for “Mommy & Me,” where parents can enjoy a continental breakfast and experience educational toys with their children in their Fat Brain Toy area. The nostalgic 1950s-themed facility features an all-you-can-eat buffet and over 100 stimulating video and redemption games, plus indoor go-karts, mini-bowling, mini-golf and more. The new 48,000-square-foot family entertainment center has reinvigorated Urbandale’s Parkwood Plaza shopping center. The company took over the long closed Albertson’s Grocery and transformed it into an all-indoor, smoke-free family fun place with seating for hundreds of people in four themed dining rooms."