Bakers are seeking new methods to use natural healthy ingredients while reducing sodium content in bread production.  Savoury Systems International, Inc. (SSI) has recently expanded its line of salt replacers to specifically address this growing demand.
The research and development department of SSI has created natural yeast extract salt replacers including #594 and #595 for general replacement, which can be dosed from one third to one fourth of salt;#863, #864, #856, #866, or #886 which can be dosed at a 1:3 ratio for both replacement of salt and enhancement of flavor in white breads, specialty breads and pizza crust doughs.  Product Manager, Kevin J. McDermott says, “#886 is a blend of KCl (potassium chloride), sugar, yeast extract, and flavors usedto hide the bitterness of potassium chloride. The product retains a salty perception that will not work against the active yeast of a dough system.”  Kevin recommends replacing 20-40% of your salt, and 1:4-1:3 can be added back in using #886.  He says due to limited affect on the active yeast inside of a normal dough system, the fluffiness of the dough remains intact.

These salt replacers also allow for a lower sodium count in prepared and processed foods by eliminating a percentage of salt without taking away the flavor. 
When testing #886 at a 25%-35% salt reduction in white bread, or in a rising crust that would have crumb formation, like a white bread or Italian bread, SSI President Dave Adams commented, “it gave a little more fermented flavor and a little stronger aroma, with the crumb formation having an open uniform even structure, and it could be used for soft, hard, or whole grains.”
Further, Dave mentioned that his salt replacers, “act as flavor catalysts, adding flavor and enhancement to the perception of salt while adding depth to the core flavors, in order to round out the complete flavor profile, Dave continues, we are also experimenting with 4 different snack topicals for pretzels, with different savory snack toppings, … a lot of people seem to have interest.”  SSI’s newest salt replacer is the unique flavor enhancer #1079 with 22% natural, flavor enhancing nucleotides. This product can be used at low doses of .1-.2% to provide a flavor enhancement boost.  It is also organic compliant so it can be very effective in 95% organic formulations where flavor needs to be rounded.
Savoury Systems International, Inc.(SSI) is a specialized flavor ingredient company offering Yeast Extracts, Savory Topnotes, HVP’s and Custom Products. Product lines consist of Kosher, Halal, Non GMO, and Organic Compliant products, as well as Savorganic, a line of Certified Organic Yeast Extracts in both powder and liquid forms. Other typical applications of salt replacers include salad dressings, meat marinades and sauces, processed meat, soups, and popcorn, etc  All operations have up to date Quality Control and Assurance Testing with experienced personnel.  For more information or application assistance go to or call (908) 534-6621 or fax to (908) 534-7979. 

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