According to a news report on, “Q. Good morning, Karie. While at the Estero Animal Hospital yesterday, I noticed a new restaurant opening soon called ZA ZA Serious Pizza. The nurses told me that Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr. was opening the restaurant. I’ve read about him before, and we would love some info on the restaurant. I peeked in and noticed artworks on easels and brilliant red walls and was wondering when they are opening. They are not listed in the phone directory yet and was hoping you can advise us to when that might be. Jillian Bucar/Bonita Bay”

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“A. Your research is on the money, Jillian. Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr. is indeed the man behind ZA ZA Serious Pizza. And from the sounds of it, it ain’t gonna to be your average pizza joint. Chef Joe has designed restaurants around the globe and has cooked for celebrities including Al Pacino, Harrison Ford, The Cranberries, Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. Just as interesting is the fact that the Estero location (22088 S. U.S. 41) is the first of 400 (yes, 400) ZA ZA Serious Pizza restaurants he’s planning to launch nationwide,” said the story.

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