In Chicago, Thin Crust Pizzerias Encroach on Established Deep-Dish Joints

According to a news report from the Canadian Press, “in the deep-dish city, thin seems to be in.”

“The pizza joints that for decades have given Chicago its heavyweight vibe are finding themselves pushed around by the culinary equivalent of a pencil-neck geek: gourmet restaurants with trendy names like “Piece” or “Crust,” serving up sometimes cracker-thin pizzas. One after another, these interlopers – pushing a style of pizza already popular elsewhere in the country – are popping up around Chicago, pulling from their ovens skinny pizzas sprinkled with everything from goat cheese to white corn to cauliflower. In recent years, some two dozen such pizzerias have opened, with more on the way. Meanwhile, other restaurants – such as Roof, a lounge atop a trendy hotel – are making sure thin pizzas figure prominently on their menus. And it’s not just the pizzas that look different. The new shops generally ditch pizzeria staples, such as checkered table cloths and Chianti-bottle candles. They don’t always act like pizzerias either, sometimes insisting diners bring their own beer or wine or refusing to deliver (claiming even a short car trip would ruin the flavour),” the story said.