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Fresh Brothers’ ‘Impossible Day’ Celebrates Meat Substitute

Fresh Brothers touts a yearlong partnership with Impossible Foods.

by Callie Daniels Bryant

The California-based pizza chain has declared September 10 a holiday: “Fresh Brothers Impossible Day.” What’s impossible about September 10?

The inspiration for the holiday began a year ago when Scott Goldberg, co-founder and executive chef of Fresh Brothers, dusted a plant-based meat substitute with seasoning, making a tasty and convincing sausage pizza topper.

“It was a game-changer and has become one of our most popular items,” Goldberg said. “The response from vegans, vegetarians, and especially our meat-eaters has been great. Our customers love cheating on beef and having Impossible Meat has an option.”

Fresh Brothers became the first pizza chain to serve Impossible Foods products, a feat worth celebrating. The pizza chain will offer Personal Impossible Pizzas for $3.50 plus a $3 coupon for an Impossible Slider.

“We bake a 1.2 ounce Impossible patty with our signature sauce, mozzarella cheese and then serve it on authentic Hawaiian rolls. It is savory, sweet, and tastes just as good as our meatball sliders,” Goldberg said.

Personal Impossible Pizzas are made with fresh mozzarella and topped with Impossible Sausage. Vegans can also request a free substitute of Daiya cheese instead of mozzarella on the Personal Impossible Pizzas.

National Restaurant Association declared vegetable-centric meals as one of 2019’s hottest trends. “This is a trend that isn’t going anywhere,” Goldberg said in agreement. “Plant-based meat is becoming a staple in quick-serves to fine-dining establishments. We have always prided ourselves on bringing unique flavors and dietary options to our menu. Choosing Impossible Meat and expanding the Impossible menu was the best thing we could have done. The growth of plant-based meat substitutes will continue to grow and Fresh Brothers want to be at the forefront of that ingredient innovation.”