Illinois National Guard Members in Afghanistan Enjoy Pizzas During Super Bowl

According to a news report from, “The soldiers weren’t necessarily hungry, as most looked half-asleep. But just after 4 a.m. Monday, they dug into Chicago pizzas that took almost 10 days, at least four flights and three military convoys to make it to their mess hall.”

“The last part of the journey seemed like the longest—a 20-minute convoy of six boxes containing 42 frozen Lou Malnati’s pizzas from Kabul through a desolate moonscape east to Camp Blackhorse, home to about 75 Illinois National Guard soldiers and other U.S. and NATO service members,” said the story. “It felt like the Super Bowl—why else would any soldier get up so early to gorge on pizza and jalapeno poppers, the breakfast of caloric champions? Still, in some ways, it was almost like being back at home—Chicago pizza, sent by a suburban Chicago military-support group, being consumed by mostly Illinois National Guard soldiers.”

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