IHMRS Foodservice Pioneering Concept Award goes to Pie2 design by Global Test Kitchen

DALLAS (Nov 7, 2013) –Attention, editors: If you’re heading to the IHMRS at New York’s Javits Center Nov. 9-12, make sure you swing by the display of the show’s Foodservice Pioneering Concept design competition winner, Global Test Kitchen’s innovative new Pie2 foodservice concept.

The concept will be laid out in a display area on the show floor where attendees can walk through and experience the concept’s sustainable, energy-efficient and versatile equipment, design and technology.

“IHMRS attendees are not only looking for new products but also for new applications that wow customers,” Phil Robinson, IHMRS Show Director, said in a public statement. A panel of judges from major hospitality and foodservice operations around the country chose Pie2 as the best entry meeting the competition objective of creating a “revenue-generating foodservice concept for an underused, nontraditional location or an innovative concept for a traditional space with limited water access and no ventilation.” Construction materials are sustainable and efficient, and the concept can be easily assembled and deconstructed in all kinds of nontraditional locations.

The concept, developed by a design team led by Melanie Corey-Ferrini, FCSI, blends “the atmosphere of European bistros with the organic, healthy ad local sensibilities that Americans demand,” she said. The menu centers on a thoroughly new form of pizza, both sweet and savory, on four signature pie crusts and sauces.

AND THE OVEN—Production for these innovative and distinctive new pizzas centers on Ovention Ovens’ new Matchbox Oven, introduced just a year ago and named an honoree at the 2013 National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovations Awards competition.

The compact Matchbox offers two cook surfaces that slide, alternating matchbox fashion, into and out of a sealed cooking chamber. The innovative and unique oven offers accelerated cooking without using damaging microwaves, instead using only an advanced Precision Impingement™ form of convection. The oven offers unmatched menu flexibility, quiet operation, cool exterior surfaces, and catalytic converters for UL-certified ventless operation.

“We tested the Matchbox and one other oven,” Ferrini said. “We liked the size of the Matchbox, and it doesn’t need to be hooked up to gas, and it doesn’t need a hood. … The Matchbox is one of the big items that made the concept feasible and maintains flavor and quality.”

For More Information

For more information, see Pie2 and the Matchbox Oven at the IHMRS Show, or visit Ovention at OventionOvens.com and check out the demo videos.

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Ovention® is an independent division of Hatco Corp. driven by award-winning innovation, integrity and an intense desire to solve problems that others walk away from. That spirit of innovation has produced a series of ovens, including the revolutionary Shuttle and Matchbox Ovens, which meets the real world needs of commercial operators. Find out more about Ovention at OventionOvens.com.
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