If hotels aren’t using your key cards, then they’re using your competitors’.


When weary travelers get to their hotel rooms, it’s late, and they’re hungry. Potential customers won’t have to look far before discovering your store, because your message is already in view. has been reminding hotel customers where to eat pizza for a long time—they’ve had pizzerias’ information in hotels, front and center, since 1995. Hotel guests will need to eat something and, unlike potential customers at home, most won’t have a kitchen. If there is a hotel near your pizzeria and you want to tap into those potential customers, can put you on the most prime piece of real estate in the hotel, literally in the hands of the customer—on the key card, the key sleeve, or the TV channel guide. 

There are advantages to working with the leading manufacturer of RFID key cards. RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is now becoming the new standard for hotels. More and more hotels are replacing the old magnetic stripe locks with RFID locks. has practically every available lock variation, with the lowest price. How do they do it? HotelRFIDkeys buys direct from China and ships to the United States. Their long-standing relationships overseas have allowed them to acquire nearly every lock and key. Stop paying exorbitant prices for only one type of encryption key from an exclusive supplier. RFID’s manufacturer-direct pricing gets you RFID keys at the lowest price possible.

But RFID is much more than great prices. Customers are granted a 100% quality- assurance lifetime warranty on all products and an exceptional service experience. HotelRFIDKeys does the heavy lifting for you by reaching out to hotels, as they have for more than 20 years. Their reputation and experience helps them to establish that vital relationship with hotels so you can continue doing what you do best—making and delivering a great pizza. Backed by the industry’s best customer-care team, RFID sets you up for success. handles all Choice Hotels and most major hotel franchises. With your message will go out to a captive audience of some 35,000 hotel guests. Make the right choice and capitalize on guests stopping through your town who are looking for a delicious, piping-hot pizza after a long day. Visit to find out more or call 706-935-3535.