IDS Menus Announces Successful Digital Menu Board Installation

Holbrook, NY-IDS Menus, a division of International Display Systems, Inc., today has announced the successful installation of its digital menu board system for the grand opening of a Salad Spinners location in Chicago, Illinois. Salad Spinners is a quick-service food establishment, which provides their customers with plentiful selections of salads, sandwiches, soups and more. Salad Spinners operates four locations in the Chicago area. They also specialize in providing corporate catering local to Chicago.

IDS Menus was called upon by Salad Spinners Chief Executive Officer Rich Levy to excite his customer base and stimulate purchases with their new dynamic digital menu boards. Rich states, “Since we have installed digital menu boards from IDS menus, our food cost has decreased by 3%. The decrease is due to the digital menu boards superior capability of providing Salad Spinners many different avenues to market our more profitable items and de-emphasize the less profitable ones.”

IDS Menus has installed its digital menu board systems in two Salad Spinner locations. Six LCD screens with synchronized programmable content provide lively, animated illustrations of how to prepare your salad. Periodically, an original large format mural inspired by the painter Grant Woods sweeps across all of the displays.This combination of multimedia imagery and original artwork was designed to provide Salad Spinners customers with a unique sensory experience.

Rick Kranz, Chief Executive Officer of IDS Menus, describes how IDS met the challenges that Salad Spinners presented to them. Rick states, “Salad Spinners approached IDS Menus with a high-end concept design for their new restaurant location. They had a vision of what they wanted to display on their digital menu boards and how that would reinforce Salad Spinners’ branding initiatives. They approached IDS Menus to help realize their vision using the newest digital technology displayed on multiple screens. These screens would display custom graphics, murals and hi-definition video to entice their clients and create a welcome atmosphere.”

IDS Menus is a certified partner of Scala, Inc. Founded in 1987, Scala provides the InfoChannel broadcast suite of software to IDS’ digital products, allowing foodservice establishments to modify content on their digital menu boards. Scala is headquartered near Philadelphia, PA with operations in California, the UK, Norway, The Netherlands, China and Japan.

About IDS Menus

IDS Menus, a division of International Display Systems, Inc., is a full-service manufacturer of high-quality menu displays (digital, indoor, and outdoor) for the food service and related industries. Headquartered in conjunction with its design facility in Holbrook, NY, IDS’ mission is “to produce the highest quality marketing displays for the world’s food service industry.” Since its inception in 1995, IDS Menus has established a robust client base around the world. Some clients of IDS include Aramark Corp., Barnes and Noble, National Amusements Theatres, Starbucks Coffee Co., TCBY and many more. For more information about IDS Menus, call 800-542-9779 or visit