For pizzeria operators, knowing where your drivers are and whether they’re being safe, productive and efficient is crucial to providing the best customer service and the best value to the owner. ZAgistics is a new pizza industry-specific tracking service for deliveries that allows you to monitor your deliveries like never before.

Prairie Dog Geospatial was founded by a team of pizza-loving map geeks with 21-plus years of experience in mapping, navigation and fleet management. “We wanted ZAgistics to be simple, smart and accessible to anyone, from the single-store owners to the largest corporate franchises,” founder Jason Borak says.

With regular headlines about safety, liability, compensation and performance issues for pizza delivery drivers, restaurant owners can manage their teams better with the ZAgistics service. It tells you in real time where your drivers are, how fast they are driving, and whether they are coming directly back to the restaurant after deliveries. It records actual mileage, time on the road, length of delivery stop time, and delivery totals per driver each day, and the owners can review this data at any time. They can also enhance customer engagement with the use of displays in their restaurant and website maps showing real-time delivery action.

ZAgistics includes a free mobile app for the delivery driver’s smartphone and a browser-based console for the restaurant to access securely via computers, smartphones or tablets. The app is designed with the driver’s safety in mind, requiring only two buttons to be pushed while the car is stopped. 

“Using GPS on their smartphone and the app’s simple interface, the drivers indicate what they are doing on the mobile app—either making a delivery or heading back to the restaurant,” Borak says. The console displays this information back at the restaurant through map, chart or at-a-glance grid modes, and it’s accessible via the Internet.

“With so many more restaurants moving into delivery services, competition for the pizza shop is increasing,” Borak notes. “We saw a way to apply our skills and passion to help pizza restaurant owners improve their operations, compete in the
industry and better serve their customers.”

ZAgistics provides a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The price is $299 a year or $29.99 a month per restaurant with unlimited driver accounts—that’s less than a dollar per day. The company also provides free customer care and will support your deployment, which will be quick and easy. Visit for a video demo and FAQ, email or call 720-263-7364.


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