Stella’s Gourmet, headquartered in Northern California, has been baking gourmet desserts since the 1970s and is family-run to this day. It’s now well into its second generation—and going on its third—of offering restaurants gourmet “pizza” desserts to grow their sweet offerings. The company’s manufacturing has also grown to other states to help satisfy America’s sweet tooth.

Focused on quality and convenience, Stella’s launched their line of family-style Pizza Desserts in 2014. They come in four varieties: Original Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Chip Brownie, Chewy Gooey Chocolate Chunk, and the newest addition, Candy Cookie made with M&Ms. The 8” dessert is the ideal after-pizza indulgence. 

“You worry about your pie, we take care of the dessert,” Stella Wagele of Stella’s Gourmet says, explaining the company’s philosophy. Stella’s team knew there was a void in simple desserts for pizzerias and wanted to fill it. Today, Stella runs the family business with her husband, Chris Wagele, and brothers Nader and Jay Shamieh. 

This dessert not only complements your customers’ post-pizza sweet cravings but also your pizzeria’s operations. Stella’s Pizza Desserts come already fully baked, each in its own tin. They heat from a frozen state and fit comfortably in a pizza box. 

All products are conveyor, deck and conventional oven-friendly, adapting smoothly to the specifics of your operations. No need to thaw—just a simple heat-and-serve in an average of two minutes. Serving is just as easy, whether in a to-go box, plated or dressed up with ice cream and drizzle. 

“These desserts are exactly what we have been looking for: easy and delicious,” says an owner at a leading pizza chain. He adds, “A quick, easy heat-and-slice in its own tin, then straight into a pizza box.”

These low-waste, hassle-free desserts are not only easy additions to combo meals but also provide an upselling opportunity to grow the sales per ticket of your pizzeria. 

“Stella’s Gourmet desserts have been a big success,” a satisfied founder of a leading pizza chain explains. “There has been no waste and a 90% increase in dessert sales with Stella’s Gourmet products since the beginning.”

Learn more about Stella’s Gourmet Pizza Desserts by visiting or calling 866-383-2444.

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